Another year has already passed. Can you believe it?

It’s been a great year at the shelter, but also a challenging year. This year we are branching out and extending our assistance to include boys as well as girls who have been trafficked and held as sex slaves. Boys are beginning to come forward for help in Romania. There has been such stigma before that if they were able to escape their captors, few would press charges and even fewer boys asked for help. This endeavor presents the need for separate housing.

Change, although good, also brings new responsibilities and new challenges. This year I am looking for 100 very special people. These people, if they will accept the challenge to give $10 each month, can see their combined efforts go a long way towards covering the expenses for the shelter.

Sometimes, because problems seem so big, it’s hard to know where to start in order for change to come. Today, anyone willing to commit $10 a month (US or Euro) can make a huge impact. We at Reaching Out remain committed to our mission to free girls and boys from human bondage and sex slavery. With your help, we will continue to send out the message: “This is not OK! And we are doing something about it.”

While it’s true, that no one person can accomplish everything that needs to happen, our combined efforts will bring change.

As we prepare to close out this holiday season and ring in the new year, please remember. You are important. Your care and action enables us to continue the Reaching Out Shelter.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts, prayers and donations.

To donate follow this link:  http://ianathebook.com/get-involved/

Reaching Out



  1. Jolean says:

    DRAGA!! Te pup, so good to see this up on the web.
    Hi from your sister who still has half a Romanian heart here at Bethany college of Missions where I am on part time staff here in the frozen state of Minnesota!! Can hardly wait to read the book. Blessings to you and your team there!. The twins must be in school by now!!

    D-zeu cu voi!

    Jolean Rice

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