About the Authors

Pamela Ravan-Pyne, Co-author of I Kidnap Girls Stealing from traffickers, restoring their victims.

The story of Iana Matei


Pam is also the auther of Sock Hunting And Other Pursuits The Working Mother and various magazine articles. She lived and worked in Romania from 1993-2001, where she managed the Lydia magazine office in Bucharest, and worked with a humanitarian foundation serving abandoned children.

Pam has three grown children living in different parts of the country who provide her wonderful places to visit.
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Contact information

Pam Ravan Pyne email: pampyne@gmail.com

Iana Matei  ianathebook.com

Iana Matei, author and political activist, runs a safe house for victims of forced Prostitution in Romania.

Contact information for Iana Matei: