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I Kidnap Girls

How one woman brings hope and healing through:

1.Safe dwelling.
3.Vocational Training.

Learn how, Iana’s gritty spiritual insight and psychological expertise, played an instrumental role in bringing down some of the most notorious human-traffickers in Eastern Europe by reading the blog post I Kidnap Girls.

How despite the cigarette burns, the broken bones, the death threats and the brainwashing, these girls mustered the courage to escape their captors.

I Kidnap Girls: Stealing from traffickers restoring their victims, is the story of girls like 13 year-old Tara who, in seeking to escape a sexually abusive father, winds up in the hands of human traffickers. She, along with a friend is stuffed into the trunk of a car and transported to Macedonia. Can they ever escape?

It’s the story of Louisa whose father sells her to a man that claims he wants her for a nanny job in Germany. Instead, he drives her to a remote area near a military compound. What happens to her there leaves her wondering if she can ever recover.

I Kidnap Girls is the story of 12 year-old Nicoleta, forced into marriage due to the large dowry offered to her father by a middle-aged sheep farmer. She is expected to cook, clean, and satisfy her husband sexually. When she fails at these her angry father sells her to the traffickers. How can she survive another day, let alone live long enough to pay the huge bill her traffickers say she owes?

While the books tell the stories of a total of six girls, some a composite and others with details scrambled to protect their privacy, all are a representation of the thousands of girls trafficked from Eastern Europe each year.

I Kidnap Girls is the story of corrupt police who tip the traffickers off before they can be arrested yet work alongside officers who risk everything to track down those who dare to play God in the life of another.

It’s a story of a woman who, while honored by foreign governments and displayed in newscasts by journalists around the world,  scrambles to pay the light bill.

Iana’s personal story, while hinted at in the I Kidnap Girls is interwoven in more detail throughout its’ sequel, Unstoppable Woman. It takes her from a battered wife to one who fights back and depicts Iana from her university training as the restorer of fine art to the restorer of girls entrapped in the sex slave industry. One didn’t prepare her for the other, but as Iana says, “Life has a way of propelling us toward our destiny.”

For Iana, that journey has taken her from a fugitive, to a political prisoner in Serbia, to a translator for the UN, and on to a ten year stay in Australia. In time, a broken engagement, along with her desire for her son to get reacquainted with his grandmother, finally brings Iana back to her homeland of Romania. Her plan is to stay for one year. She has a few months to go.

That’s when the call comes…”Come pick up these prostitutes…Come pick up these whores.”

Iana answers that call, foregoing her plans to return to Australia. In the past 12 years, over 400 girls have gone through her safe house. Of these, 86% have not reentered prostitution. Without guaranteed funding, Iana has begun building a hotel in a beautiful mountainous region of Romania, where she can provide at-risk girls safe employment and work for victims of human trafficking.

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  1. If there were only more courageous women like you in this world! God Bless You and your Ministry.

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