Iana Matei


Declared a hero by the US State Department, recipient of the House Of Lords Abolutionist award, and Reader’s Digest European of the Year 2010.

I Kidnap Girls: Stealing from traffickers, restoring their victims.

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  1. PRM-istul says:

    Romania is a mafia state with not working administration governed by organized crime.

    Human trafficking in Romania is a state policy and a modern retail which feed corruption and organized crime. Organized crime is constantly looking for legitimate business that could be used as a cover.Behind such companies, actually hiding network specializing in recruitment of girls who end up prostitute.
    These companies are used as a mask, to support illegal activities, to wash the money, but also because leaders mobs to be seen as successful entrepreneurs.
    Besides these companies, strongly related with them, in the town of Curtea de Arges (Romania) exist more mafia groups(indestructible mafia groups) which with the complicity of local taxi drivers, recruit, transport, and place girls to practice prostitution, girls which later are trafficked external.
    According to data held by the Italian authorities in Roma: 85% of prostitutes in Rome are romanian woman. In Milano: eight of ten prostitutes which practice “job” in Milano are romanian woman including Ioana Visan, Berlusconi’s hooker from Curtea de Arges (Curtea de Arges, pimps factory from Romania, manager: local corrupt police ) arrived in Italy by prostitution networks from Curtea de Arges
    Cars of the pimps from Curtea de Arges who recruit girls from prostitution and customers for them: B-14-WXH (prostitute-pimp who was married with Caroli Pici, said Loti, a member of a criminal gang George Nan by world involved in human trafficking, kidnappings, usury and murders, thefts from apartments, and car thefts, and that on the June 20, 2004 abducted and kidnapped Anna Maria Valdata, the italian wife of a tycoon for which demanded a ransom of 1 million euros http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/nightmare-of-kidnapping-returns-to-italy-as-millionaires-wife-is-held-733071.html http://ziare.zaraf.ro/articol8544/RAPITORUL-MILIARDAREI-INFRACTOR-INTERNATIONAL.htm http://archivio.panorama.it/home/articolo/idA020001025842 ) and B-34-TND (pimp – one of the mob leaders from Curtea de Arges)
    About the pimp Caroli Pici, nick Loti and local corrupt police:

    …in Denmark, Romania is the country with the most prostitutes and according to Europol, Eurojust, The Times, CNN, the first exporter of prostitution in Europe is Romania.

    Police mafia-underworld

    Mafia groups in Romania are “monitored” for nearly 20 years. Police chiefs the long investigations, sent in prison some between pawns of sacrifice indicate by the underworld, in this way mafia groups unfolding-and in continuation criminal activity.
    Everything, seasoned with a few masked which, below the cameras, will break the door, will seize the swords and guns ball, clubs and other trifles from those established as victims.

    German Bundestag: “Corruption in Romania is a worrying problem. It’s not a sporadic apparition is a systematic phenomenon.”.
    El Pais about Romania: corrupt and without money.
    La Croix: Romania, the most corrupt country in Europe.
    Tel Aviv: Corruption in Romania is a national disease.
    The Times: Romania is the first exporter of prostitution.
    Transparency International: In Romania, the atmosphere is filled with corruption
    Jan Marinus Wiersma: Romania still needs another 25 years to eradicate corruption
    Geert Wilders: Romania and Bulgaria should be excluded from the EU due to high corruption and irregularities which make them unsuitable as members of the EU.

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