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Taking Time To Be Thankful by Joy Morris

Taking Time To Be Thankful by Joy Morris

I look around me and see family and friends and I see all the beautiful blessings that God has given me yet I hear others complaining about life and what they don’t have and how bad their life is. I ask myself….why is that? Why can’t we be happy with what God has given us? [...]

Iana the Book

Iana the Book

  How one woman brings hope and healing through: 1.Safe dwelling. 2.Education. 3.Vocational Training. Learn how, Iana’s gritty spiritual insight and psychological expertise, played an instrumental role in bringing down some of the most notorious human-traffickers in Eastern Europe by reading the blog post I Kidnap Girls. How despite the cigarette burns, the broken bones, [...]

Iana Matei

Iana Matei

Declared a hero by the US State Department, recipient of the House Of Lords Abolutionist award, and Reader’s Digest European of the Year 2010. I Kidnap Girls: Stealing from traffickers, restoring their victims.

Rescued From Sex Slavery

(CBS) At night, the rooms above a building in downtown Bucharest resemble a scene straight from the 18th-century slave trades, and it’s taking place in front of 48 Hours’ hidden cameras. There, Correspondent Peter Van Sant is negotiating to buy a human being – not for an hour, but forever. In this 48 Hours report [...]

Angel of The East

From a secret address in the city of Pitesti (Romania), Iana Matei devotes her life – and risks it – to rescuing child victims of sex traffickers. For her tireless battle against this nasty form of slave trade, Iana has been named Reader’s Digest European of the Year 2010. Read the article now.

Heroes Acting To End Modern Day Slavery

Iana Matei, Founder and Coordinator of Reaching Out, Romania. (Ms Matei is the third hero listed in the US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report.) Iana Matei’s NGO Reaching Out has been operating since 1998 and has provided direct assistance to 127 victims of human trafficking. Reaching Out offers a one-year recovery and assistance program [...]

Rescuing Young Women From Trafficker’s Hands

CONSTANTA, Romania THE 15-year-old had been “trained” in prostitution in a nightclub in the southern Romanian city of Calarasi. Now, the sex traffickers were getting ready to sell her off to a Turkish brothel for $2,800. Read the whole article.

Orphans in Romania- Human Trafficking

How orphans in Romania and human trafficking are related and an overview of Iana’s work. Watch the video.

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